eCO2move is an app that helps daily commuters map their travel and contribute to reducing carbon emission ! The idea behind this app is to first learn about our consumer’s travel routine, their needs, and preferences, and aversions.
We then move on to providing them with goals that by the end of the week translate to rewards ! And while consumers are busy working hard to gain their rewards, we learn more about their pattern and provide them a path that helps reaching those goals.
Simple right?
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eCO2move is simple and giving. Giving you rewards by translating what you give to our planet. More importantly, your rewards are not just imaginary coins. These rewards are a chance for you to help eco-friendly project and cut your losses. So wear your goals as badge of honour.

Here are some visuals


Hello eCO2movers, We are so happy to see you try making our world a better place. And to show our gratitude, we are commited to protect your privacy at our platform. So hop on your favorite carrier, and let’s start this journey together !By: Léana, Kamélia, & Megha

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